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Opinions on the 2020 Nissan Frontiers


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Before I get berated by a bunch of people hear me out first. Nissan dealership is got one on the lot with trade in I can get them down to around $25,000 for the mid trim level. Trucks going to be used to hunt, fish, camp and occasionally haul some wood. I’ve looked up everything I can find online but I want good advice and hopefully some actual experience with these. Looking to get up to the 150,000-200k Mark and move on. I appreciate what everyone has to say. 

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Nowadays, their trucks do have some kind of good quality somehow.  Yeah, go for it.  They will be lower with the 2022 coming out.


They are tough little trucks. I know this doesn't help you, but I did own a 2000 Frontier that went 216k miles trouble free. 


I personally feel that Nissan makes better small trucks than full size. $25k is a good deal. Not sure where people are getting $25k Tacomas, but here in Houston it is like you said....mid-thirties just for a somewhat decent one.


If you like the truck, I would say why not?

@mod_man yeah I mean I figure that since they haven’t done a major redesign in so long it should be a decent little worker.


They are very solid trucks and dependable I would say go for it for the price your getting and the 2022 frontier should be coming out in the next couple months and it’s a long overdue redesign for the truck and they look awesome but that should only help with the price tag on a 2020 being more fair cause they want to move them. You shouldn’t have any trouble with that truck and it sounds like a good deal 

@r4nier I mean I thought it was a decent deal and I’ve got the cash to buy it outright. Do you know if those V6 they have get the head gasket issues long term?

Not that I have seen those trucks have always been pretty bulletproof and they fixed the timing chain whine and intermix of trans fluid and coolant years ago they haven’t been known to have any common issues of any kind in the last 8 or so years of production

@r4nier awesome, I appreciate it, and I’m guessing the transmissions hold up rather well also?


The Nissan Frontiers are one of the few Nissan products that are fairly decent and hold up, and one I can recommend as an alternative to the Toyota Tacoma.  You save money in the process, too.  They should get you to 150-200K with regular maintenance.

I still would go with the 2019 or earlier with the older V6 and transmissions to be safe as that combo had been used for many years in that truck and is true and tried.  That new engine and 9-speed AT were new (for that truck) in 2020, so I still lean towards 2019 MY with the proven setup.

BTW, the new engine (3.8 L V6 VQ38DD) for 2020 MY is direct injection-only so one more maintenance item to “worry” about (catch can, cleaning valves).


I’m not a fan of the Nissan products.

@oneimich I’m not interested in any other vehicle they make. Just the frontier, which hasn’t had a redesign for some time now. Makes me wonder if they really are that bad or if they actually hold up fairly well.


I don't like nissan products, but I do see some sort of quality in their trucks. The new 2020 has 310 horsepower and is very practical and utilitarian. Another benefit of getting this prehistoric new frontier is because it has been out for 16 years and nissan should have made it a great truck already with tons of improvements throughout its manufacturing. You are getting a decent price on a decent truck, so I think it is worth it. But, it still goes back to Renault's roots of poor quality so don't expect this thing to hold up as good as the tacoma's long term. It is a little too outdated for my taste as well. In 10 years, it will look like a 25 year old truck because of Nissan never updating the thing. 


Yeah I hear you, I just figured with it not going through a redesign for sometime that it would be a decent little truck for the price. I could care less about any bells and whistles. I just need a plain old get around and get s$i# done truck. @end


I'd go for it if that is your option and its a good deal but isn't the Tacoma $26,000?

@Kerem where I live a new, mid trim level Tacoma is running around 35k.

In that case sure why not, just realize the powertrain is relatively new.

@Kerem that’s why I recommended to OP to go with 2019 MY instead.