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Chevy or Cadillac


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Hi Scotty - I have an opportunity to buy either a used 2006 Impala SS with 101K or a 2009 Cadillac DTS with similar mileage and price. I wanna use it as a second hand car to travel from Massachusetts to New Jersey about 2x a month. Which do you think is the more reliable car?

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Honestly neither with topping 100k on the motors. You’re going to be emptying your savings just to keep them running. 


Hard to say. The economy Impala will have inferior components, and won't be built as well as the luxury Cadillac. But Cadillac will have more electronics and things to go wrong, and the replacement parts will be more expensive.


I would find something else.  They were starting to get down to the reputation they are at today.  Low quality.


For comfort, the Caddy. Now you guys have to remember the SS Impala that year got a small block 5.3L V8 instead of the troublesome V6's. But for a long trip, I still would go Caddy. Just know, either way, you're going to have repairs and the Caddy will be more expensive.

Oh wow. didn't know the Imps had V8's. That could be a solid car then.

Also keep in mind the '09 Caddy will have been made during the bankruptcy.

They did, but ONLY the SS. The other trims were plagued with the not so great V6 engines.