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Toyota CV axles


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I have a 1987 4WD Toyota Van Wagon (cargo), with 244,221 for mileage, with a manual transmission & 2.2 L 4Y engine. I need to replace the CV axles, which the axle units now seem to be obsolete. I can send mine in to rockauto to be rebuilt, but I can't afford to have my van down for that long. So, my question is, "are there any other Toyota models for that year or close to, for instance, like the 4 Runner that I can still get the axles for, that the inner and outer joints could be swapped from those axles to my axles. Would the joints themselves be interchangeable?" Thanks, Harvey

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Take the exact measurements: length, diameter, spline count etc. and then go to the parts store.

Buy the shop keeper a box of donuts, and then maybe he can pull a whole bunch of them out for you to measure, and maybe you'll find a match. CV axles aren't THAT complex.