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Engine knock when idle


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Hello all:

I have a 2021 GX460 with 1UR-FE engine. I notice when car is idle and there is a knocking noise from the engine. I don’t know if it’s normal. Car has 1500 miles.

It sounds like”tick, tick, tick, tick” not very obvious but enough for me to hear it. I heard it inside of my car.


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From my own older car, I found out there was slack in the timing chain. Have them check it out if yours does have a chain, it could be that there is a bit of slack making the fast ticking noise.

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1500 Miles? When the dealer tells you, "They all do that." ask them to start up another GX460 so you can listen to it.


Agree with @Glen_stet. Keep taking it to the dealer and force them to fix it. That GX460 should not be making a ticking noise. If that dealer can't fix it, take it to another one. Also, if you know a trusted mechanic, have him/her check out the GX and give you some kind of report in writing. Then, take that with you to the dealer and show them.