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[Solved] Electric cars are not about saving the environment...


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Making electric powered vehicles common place isn’t about saving the environment. Making them common place is about government taking more control of the more polluting end of transportation technology. So much of the pollutants from internal combustion engines are less easy for government to control, because so much of the polluting is on the consumers end, not on the vehicle manufactures end and energy companies end. 

Good or bad, they’re trying to shift the paradigm of where the pollution primarily comes from, so they’ll have more control over it. Prove me wrong... 

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Interesting discussion.  If you follow inductive reasoning, you produce only the results that support your theory.  If you follow deductive reasoning, you look at the actual facts, then draw a conclusion.  In the climate change debate, follow the money.  Who stands to gain the most from pushing the man-made climate change ideology?  I have never seen any "scientist" explain the mini ice age that occurred from the 14th to 18th century, as human caused.  The manipulation of "facts" for their own benefit is a proven way for those in power to get more control of the populace.  "Make them afraid of it and blame it on someone" is their playbook of choice.  Perhaps these so called Climate Change advocates might want to study solar flairs, sunspots and the tilting axis of the earth instead of manufacturing reasons for them to blame us and control our lives.  Just a thought.


Ok, so then why are we engineering electric/hydrogen fuel cell vehicles if it's not for addressing pollution? Why is there a demand for electric vehicles from auto manufacturers? The government is trying to ENCOURAGE people to switch over to electric cars to live a "green" life and help our planet...they are not trying to control us. Yes, I do agree that they are "forcing it down our throat" especially when governors like Gavin Newsom of California signed an order to ban the sale of gasoline vehicles in 2035 (now that is extreme). But the true goal for electric vehicles is to significantly cut down on pollution. What is the primary source of pollution then? Don't you know how many gasoline/diesel vehicles are being used in the world today? I'm pretty sure they are the major cause of pollution. Gasoline/diesel vehicles are the biggest consumers of fuel AND oil, both of which pollute.

I wouldn't be surprised if air travel , militaries, and volcanoes vastly outpollute Bob and Sue driving to work.

Today's gasoline cars are extremely clean-running. There is no legitimate reason for forcing a change to electric vehicles. I do not plan to ever buy one.

what if you could refuel the electric vehicle in the same amount of time it took to pump gas, and the electric range was the same as a gas tank, and the vehicle cost was the same (initial and long term). Would you consider one then?


What is the primary source of pollution then? Don't you know how many gasoline/diesel vehicles are being used in the world today? I'm pretty sure they are the major cause of pollution

It's so sad that nobody actually bothers to look up these lies. That's exactly what politicians like AOC count on.


Man-made greenhouse gas production
Agriculture 18%
Electricity 27%
Materials 31%
Transportation 16%
(Includes planes, trains and automobiles (heyo) and also ships)

"Climate change" is a natural phenomenon. The human contribution is dwarfed by nature and there is no action we can take short of a full-blown atomic war (nuclear winter) that will allow us to control the environment.

dwarfs it by a huuuuuuuuuuge margin. Look at NASA's data

Even the scientist who is considered the founder of modern climate science (the late Reid Bryson) called the idea that humans are the cause of climate change "a bunch of hooey" (that's a direct quote), and pointed out that we have been emerging from the Little Ice Age and changes are to be expected. I'm not going to get into the politics of the greens since this isn't the place for it and can only suggest that people look more deeply into the motivations of the people pushing this alleged "crisis" and as Scotty points out in his latest video the hypocrisy of people like Bill Gates who uses as much energy in his personal life as a small city while telling the rest of us we have to make sacrifices.


I don't follow politics, but I follow my heart which is reliable gasoline cars. The government is not switching to electric cars. Why should we? Lol


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Government control. PERIOD.


Seems like most people here don't believe in climate change based off what I'm reading...

It's so sad that nobody actually bothers to open their eyes and see the clear signs of climate change.

Fossil fuel use...natural processes are not causing CO2 emissions, we are.


Maybe you should read more carefully because nobody here said that the climate isn't changing.

The second part of what you said is demonstrably wrong. CO2 levels were much higher than they are now , way before humans.

Where did you get that ridiculous pie chart?

Sorry, but that's just plain wrong. Climate change may be real but it IS a natural process and there is nothing we can do to control it. This is not merely my own opinion, but that of many legitimate scientists. The environmental movement has been infamous for fomenting phony crises and making failed doomsday predictions for over 50 years. There is no "climate crisis". What's sad is seeing how many people are taken in by those phonies.


@mountainmanjoe, Look, people have been blamed for "climate change" for centuries!

(That's a great site by the way to help people get the fuzzballs out of their heads on this issue.)

Oops, meant to add this as a comment, not a new post...

Sometimes I don't even understand why we take history classes in secondary school.. The point is to "learn history to not repeat the mistakes made in it" and here we are half of our mistakes have famously happened before.

You're clearly missing the point, IF that point is that humans "really" were causing climate change centuries ago! The point of course is that people have been INCORRECTLY blamed for centuries.


I think the biggest reason why people don't want anything to do with electric vehicles is because they've grown used to the typical combustion engine. It's been around for a long time now, and people know how to work on them comfortably. Electric motors are new technology and people are getting scared. You guys are scared to own an electric vehicle because you don't have any clue on how to work on an electric motor should it have issues. How did you learn to work on a combustion engine? I'm pretty sure if you guys knew how to work on an electric motor, you wouldn't mind owning one. Yes, I agree that electric vehicles are expensive right now, but as they become more mainstream, their prices will go down. New technology is always gonna be expensive. Remember when the iPhone 5 used to be expensive? Now it's super's the same exact idea with cars...a 2020 electric car will be way cheaper than a 2030 electric car. I'm all for electric cars, and I think they are awesome technology. The hydrogen fuel cell cars are even more awesome in my opinion! I would definitely own one in the near future and learn how to work on it...just like how I owned my first gasoline car and learned how to work on it. There's no stopping the electric vehicle movement. At the end of the day, it should just be personal preference, NOT government controlled. If you want an electric car, go get one! But if you don't, that's fine...modern gasoline vehicles are very efficient and produce surprisingly low emissions.

I'm not scared of electric cars. They just aren't practical yet. I would love to own one eventually, but right now it's just not a mature technology.


Make no mistake. Manufacturers WILL TRY to prevent you from working on your own car. Just wait until your car only runs with a genuine copy of Microsoft Wheels. Oh no your car isn't booting up and you need to go to work!? Just call our 1-800 hotline in Calcutta where agents will be happy to assist.


When the government puts deadlines on the auto industry, that is an example of government control and overreach. That is what communists do. It is the opposite of freedom and capitalism, which are what makes America great.

great point, the US also has a democratic foundation based on controversy of state power.
Some states provide strong customer protection in products sold, and put hard deadlines (example would be California) others are different.
Honestly humans can find flaws in every system. The solution to that would be to not buy a car with Microsoft wheels until all the legal stuff gets settled in.

There are two ways of going about this:
1. Be logical and use common sense and hope to no avail that the government knows what its doing
2. good old american lawsuit🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


According to "scientists", cows emit too much CO2 and methane. I wonder when they will switch to electric ones 😂😆😎.


There's many reasons. 🤷‍♂️


So what do you think is their motivation for controlling the pollution?

Yea... but what does this REALLY come down to? They try to sell people on “its better for the environment”, but apparently it’s not.

no, it's many reasons like I said.

For many people it's going to be about saving money on fuel.

Because they’ll make it cheaper, so that more people will switch sooner and by their choice.

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They don’t want the vehicles polluting and they don’t want people knowing how things work (they don’t want consumers working on their cars). SO.. they’ll change to electric vehicles and probably only allow dealer mechanics to fix them. They’ll be the only ones with the special tools and exact know how and they’ll probably make it so that if someone else takes something apart on the vehicle, the warranty will be void. Scottys touched on this previously. 

And, they will have ways of knowing if we took something apart, I’m sure!

> They don’t want the vehicles polluting
nothing wrong with polluting less


>they don’t want people knowing how things work
well somebody will have to know or how will they be built?


>they’ll change to electric vehicles and probably only allow dealer mechanics to fix them.
good luck enforcing that one


>They’ll be the only ones with the special tools and exact know how
They can try but people will figure it out.


>they’ll probably make it so that if someone else takes something apart on the vehicle, the warranty will be void.
manufacturers already tried that and they got slapped. There's a law against it

the business model you describe is exactly what Apple does with their phones. And guess what, people love it. iPhone has a largest market share.

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I think they’re actually afraid of a different type of “climate” change. The type where their world wide cult is exposed and has no real power anymore. ...However, I actually do think we should infact be seeking out new viable technologies. I’m not against electric vehicles. It just seems like the push for them is more of a political scheme and less of a cleaner technology being implemented for the greater good. But, maybe I’m wrong. 😆

It's totally political.
Invent a crisis, and tell people that electing you is the only way to avoid it.

And as long as people are uneducated, unquestioning, and get their world views from Facebook, they'll totally fall for it.

Facebook and basically all news media.

The motivations of governments and politicians have always been the same - the acquisition of as much money and power as they can get away with. The quote "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office." is attributed to the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop from 2500 years ago. Technology changes but human nature does not.


I don't think that is the full reason. For example, California cities are planning to ban gasoline cars by as early as 2027, and latest 2035. $47 million dollars for hydrogen fuel cell infastructure, I don't think they would spend that much just to have a little more control. Have you seen pollution in these large cities? Even if thats their goal, as a consumer you would benifit from it and help the enviornment.

So you admit (good or bad) it’s about control. Yet you say you don’t think it’s about control.

I'm confused what you are refering to, can you quote where I said its about control, and quote where I say I don't think its about control?

@Kerem He is simply trolling. Your time and effort is spent better in other threads my friend.

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Look what I started! 😆

congrats. Best clickbait ever. Do we understand Scotty's latest politicized video titles now?

Well, that wasn’t my intent, but I guess the topic would do that with some people. I learned from the best! 😁


Do dealers in U.S. charge for leasing battery when you buy an electric car?

I’m actually not even sure, but that’ll be another big hoo-ha! Very expensive battery’s! 😆

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This post has been marked [solved]... but is it really? 😆

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All I know is, I can’t put my Lucas oil additive or my seafoam fuel cleaner in an electric vehicle.... AND THAT MAKES ME SAD! 😆 I need something to fidget with! 

I'm sure people will find ways to 'sup' up their electric cars.


think overclocking