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Should I change the transmission fluid in my 1985 Dodge 600?


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I know this has been asked many times already. Probably today. I just bought a 1985 Dodge 600 Convertible. It shows 71,000 miles on odometer.It does not have a 100s place on odometer but the interior and exterior look like it could not have rolled over to 171,000. The top has been painted with that plastic stuff they put on a screen door in the bottom of a boat. My question is an age old one, to change the transmission fluid or not to change the transmission fluid. I emptied the power steering fluid and refilled and bled out any air. I bled the brakes completely to have all fluid new. The radiator fluid is green. What should I do about the tranny. It shifts fine. It has a cooler tied to the front of the radiator but I haven't traced it down to see if it is for engine oil or is it a cheep fix for a radiator transmission cooler repair. The turbo has been long since disconnected but that's to be dealt with at a later time. It starts and runs fine. The only big question I have right now is the transmission fluid dilema. I wanted a convertible but my wife said we couldn't afford one so I proved her wrong. I think I am the third owner. I saw what Scotty said about 30,000 miles for an old car and 60,000 miles for a newer one

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Wow, this is a difficult question, given the age of the vehicle and an unknown service history. I'd draw a little out and check on the condition of the fluid. My gut tells me that it might be OK to replace a quart or two (depending on how much fluid it holds) and leave the rest alone, for now, to save enough of the grit that might be holding the clutch material together.

You should take in a lot of input, though, particularly if you can find an old-timer or two who actually worked on these. 

Old-timer or two? Why you young whipper snapper


+1 @geriscan 

Before you decide on anything, check the condition of the fluid.

Also, have a read through this -