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Which new shocks for my Honda Accord Sport 2014?


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Hello, I'm a full time Uber Driver, I drive heavily and need recommendations on shocks.

I heard Scotty recommend KYBs before. Not sure if the ones below are any good.

If anyone can recommend ones for heavy use would be nice!

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Those are KYB Excel-G gas struts. I use them personally and can confirm they ride perfectly fine (a tad stiffer) than OEM shocks, but hardly noticeable.

What is noticeable is the drastic improvement in handling & improved acceleration after switching over to the Excel-G parts, at all 4 corners. 

In an Accord, I’m certain you’ll enjoy their performance. 

I won’t be surprised if the OEM shocks are also made by KYB with a markup. 

All the best.

Alright, I'll buy and install them, let's see how much abuse they can take. I drive about 20,000 miles yearly.

Please keep us posted how they perform in your car, compared to OEM. Mine have been fine now since fitting them 4yrs & 50,000 miles ago. And I drive like a maniac.

Updated: I am currently at 152,000 Miles from 131,000; It's running smoothly.
I had to change the lower ball joints at 140,000 for 555 a Japanese brand.

So far so good. I'm hoping to make it to 500k


Those are excellent struts.


Yes, that’s KYB but I don’t have experience with its ride. If I were you, I would look up and see if I can find a discount on the OEM one. Find out the part number and look into this website:

Hey, I checked it said $500 for the oem pair. Would that be considered a good price?

Current Ones started giving up at 130,000 miles.

I personally do not pay that much money for strut. Some of them are listed as low as $85.87, depending on what you look for. Find out the part number of what you need and shop around.