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Iac or circuit fault problem


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Hi Scotty I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla base model 1.6 l 4afe I have been rebuild it because it was my grandfather's car and still in good shape to drive but now I'm almost done with the engine but I'm still getting one code which is po505 other than the engine code I've got everything else in working condition I have did the test that the Haynes repair manual says and I'm only getting one good reading of 17 ohms which I believe is from b+ and rso the other side is reading 0.6 ohms and I'm kinda confused on what I should replace first to try to fix it I do not believe it's the ecm or the iac valve there is a green relay type of connector behind the radio on the left side that a bunch of wires come to from the wiring harness and I have no clue on what it is or does because I cannot disconnect it any info would be greatly appreciated I was going to bring it to Tennessee because I'm in Kentucky but you went to visit your grand kids 

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Well change the idle air control that's the main thing that goes bad on those

Thank you Scottie thats what I was going to do I hope it fixes it then all I'll have left to do is figure out why my horn will not honk when pressing the steering wheel it worked before my rebuild but now it's not