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Mazda CX-30 vibration?


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Hey Scotty, i’ve had a 2021 Mazda CX-30 for almost a year and almost 12000 miles. when i accelerate and get to high speeds (60-70mph) my car shakes a little. it’s not noticeable to a regular guy but i can feel it. and also if i brake hard enough from the same high speeds, my car shakes upfront a little too. my steering wheel doesn’t shake and i can only feel it in the lower part of the vehicle. i checked the tires and they look good (it has good american tires) and good psi. what can i do? i need help and i’m getting desperate 

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Swap the back tires with the front ones and see if the vibration changes. 


Are you sure the tyres are correctly balanced? 

Posted by: @marlon

what can i do?

When in doubt about shaking or handling, go to a good (non-chain) front-end alignment shop.

A good one will have people who know how to feel it and what to look out for.


Have a local shop check the balance on all 4 of your tires and make sure PSI is 35. I've had many customers with the same issue. Sometimes, wheel weights (especially the stick-on weights) have a tendency to fly off while driving.

As for the shaking upfront when you brake hard, that could possibly be warped rotors.  Easy way to prevent warping is not to ride your brakes, and do not brake hard unless necessary. 


sounds like it could be warped rotors and have tires checked to see if they are balanced

He says he feels it during acceleration,
99% of the time wouldn't feel any shaking with warped rotors on acceleration.