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Should I replace the timing chain in my 2006 RSX?


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I recently bought (private party) a 2006 Acura RSX type S manual with 141k on it.  It runs and drives well, except there is a rattle while driving which sounds like it's probably the timing chain. I figure it's probably the tensioner that needs to be replaced but should I get the timing chain replaced as well? I'm sure it's the original chain on it. 

Thanks in advance 

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There's a decent chance, especially if it was driven hard. I believe noises/ issues like this will be most obvious upon cold start up. If you can, have someone start the car while you look under the hood trying to find where the rattling is coming from. As the engine warms up the noise should get quieter. If you have a decent scanner that can read the cars ignition timing at idle and the value is jumping around alot with your foot off the gas, that could mean a worn timing chain too.

Hell id start with just doing an oil change though, who knows when it was last done, that could make the noise go away if its got dirty oil.  

It doesn't make the sound on idle and I just did an oil change on it about 100 miles ago. It seems to be more prevalent while cruising than any other time. I'll give the scan tool a shot though.


Being an interference engine, you will be safer changing the timing chain if you confirmed that the noise is from the chain. 

I guess it's not so much a rattle as it is kinda rapid clanging. Not super loud but what you would think a metal chain would sound like.

Make a video, upload on YouTube and share the link here.


Just changing the tensioner is a bad idea.  Replace the entire assembly including the tensioner(s), chain(s), sprockets and guides.  This is a fairly big job and you don't want to have to do it twice because something else let go.


If it indeed the timing chain, try this first -

Yeah, I thought about grabbing a bottle of that and the fuel treatment. May just have to do it and see.