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Miata needs to hibernate


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I bought a battery maintainer for my Miata 2017 10K miles. The charger just stays charging and does not go into maintain mode even though I tested and the battery is charged. 


I put the maintainer on my 2013 Mazda3 152K miles and it works fine, it cycles as expected.

Any ideas on what is different about the Miata. That is the car that needs the maintainer.

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Sounds like the 2017 has either a weak battery that can't attain a full charge or there's a parasitic drain happening.

Maybe remove the battery cables and see if the battery maintainer will cycle ON/Off with them removed.

I can try this but I think it .ight be the ground I chose. Not sure of a better spot though.


mine did that and it was a bad connection

I might not have it to the ground correctly.

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No, the engine and all is squeaky clean. It looks brand new. 

Ironically the 2013 Mazda3 is corroded on the negative wires and it is working. I'm guessing it might be where I attached the ground.