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My 2019 Toyota Highlander sideview mirrors are dangerous.


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They are so huge they block me from seeing small people and dogs in the crosswalk, going into the path of my car, at the crosswalk.

Theyare about 10 inches tall X 12 inches wide, and are totally fused to the A pillar... I have written to Toyota. No reply.

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Did you test drive the car before you bought it and not notice the size?


If you are aware of your surroundings you will see objects enter/exit the dead space behind your mirror. I'm sorry, but I think this is a driver issue. I've driven a few and had no problems, and I've not heard of anyone else with a complaint.


try adjusting your seat higher.

I tried that and I could not duck my head enough to get in or out of the car....
I am 77 ..but have no spinal or vision problems affecting my eyesight, or "ability to get into or out of a car....
I have been driving since age 16.. no accidents. I owned a 1975 Dodge van and a 1996 Ford Ranger, ... Nothing like this.
I will pursue this, with some type of "Safety Engineer" bureau, if I can find one....
Not only is the size of the mirror too big....but.. there is no "neck" between the A pillar and the mirror . Such a "neck" would afford a bit of vision space between the A pillar and the mirror.


Sorry, but you should know who or what is in the crosswalk before you reach it. Your highlander isn't the only vehicle with a dead spot from the A-pillar and side mirrors.