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2014 Mercedes E350 Cabriolet


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Looking at 2014 Mercedes E350 Cabriolet 88K, V6, Automatic at local not big name dealership in GA for significant other. Asking price 23K. Car will not be a Daily Driver if purchased. Is this model and year reliable or a potential moneypit?

I enjoy your channel, wisdom and advice when it comes to cars

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Definitely potential money pit, but that is true with all modern German cars. Pretty to look at, but man....that 100k service is coming up and won't be cheap. And if something goes wrong with the top? Pray  


I would pass.


With that mileage and out of warranty, I would pass.  With all those electronics on board, if something acts up or goes wrong, you are looking at a hefty repair bill - assuming the mechanic can even fix it (good luck finding a competent mechanic that knows how to work on German cars and the stealership is another story).