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My first car


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Hi scotty I'm a new driver to the road and I was thinking of getting my first car. Like my drivers ed car was a  Chrysler 200 and I love the way it drove do you think it is reliable and if so does it make a good first car because I found one on Facebook marketplace for 1000 dollars.

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Those are piles of junk - I would pass on it.  Also, don’t buy from Facebook Marketplace - lots of scams.  You also have to wonder why it’s only $1,000 in this hot (seller’s) market.

It is most likely to a scam.


As a former Sebring owner with the 2.7 (predecessor), here's what I experienced. It was my sister's car before she gave it to me. She bought it with 59,000 miles city driving. The car had zero major mechanic issues. It then reached 100k miles city driving with no issues whatsoever. She then gave it to me at about 110k miles when she got a new car. I then junked it at around 120k miles due to getting rear ended and then hitting a tree. It wasn't a terrible car from my experience.

The 200 on the other hand, if it has the pentastar V6, you're fine and as far as the transmission goes, Chrysler transmissions are not as bad as you think. I've seen some of those transmissions go over 150k and I grew up in the city. The fwd transmission are the weaker ones compared to the rwd ones.

I would do a lot of research on that car. If it has a lot of mileage, find something else.


The Subaru non turbo sedans and forester are great vehicles and the 200 is ok but only get the V6 since Chrysler i4s (which are very unreliable)


Get yourself a Corolla or Civic.