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Low oil pressure light and battery light comes on at the same time while driving


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I got an oil change from Walmart 2 months ago and 30 minutes after my oil change my batter light and the oil pressure light came on at the same time. The car never shut off but it lost all power as if it were going to shut off. I turned the car off and turned it back on it started up fine but now it does it every day now. So I got another oil change a month ago and changed the oil pressure switch I'm still having the same problem. Any idea of what this could be? No one seems to know. Please help I have a 2007 hyundai elantra

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Although this sounds like an electrical problem, especially if the engine is not making bad noises, it might be a good idea to check oil pressure with a mechanical gauge to be on the safe side.

I'm sorry misunderstood your comment I know nothing about cars. I took the car back to oreillys I was told battery and alternator was good

I was just saying that you might want to check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge so you can see if it really is low. Oil pressure problems can be very serious but you can't rely on a dashboard light or gauge for diagnosis. A mechanic should be able to check it for you if you cannot do it yourself. In the meantime do not run the engine if it makes any tapping or knocking noises.


Check your battery connections and maybe get it tested 

Wasn't the battery. Battery is good


This likely isn't due to the first oil change. Do you have a check engine light on? Is the car running poorly? If so, the car could be wanting to stall due to air and/or fuel delivery problems. My Ranger did this when it ran out of gas months ago.  Check air filter and fuel filter, etc. If you have codes, get them scanned. 

If this isn't happening, take it to an auto parts store and have them check the alternator and battery. If one or both are weak, the engine may not be running correctly because the ignition system requires a lot of power, it running off will trigger the low oil pressure warning and alternator light. 

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I'm assuming the Walmart staff in the oil change joint used the right oil and filter. You should learn how to do the oil yourself and save the money! You never know if they did the change right at the oil change joints. Rhino ramps are only $40 or so. A basic metric socket set, oil catch pan and strap wrench for filters are all that you need.

Car runs smoothly other than when it loses power. Yes the engine light is on and when I get in my car now the rpm goes up and makes the vroom sound as if I'm really driving and I literally still be parked. So I'm pretty sure something else is messed up on my car since I have been having this problem for 2 months now

I got a 420 code catalyst convert code and a 2626 02 sensor pumping code trim circuit open bank 1 sensor 1


Sounds like an alternator problem.. I understand it was tested and good but seeing as how the problem isn’t constant it may not be charging when the concern is happening if you had a way of checking voltage at the battery while the concern starts to happen would answer that question 


How many miles?  A catalyst code can be caused by mutiple things sometimes its caused by a misfire or a cracked head or blown head gasket where coolant will get in the exhaust and cause that code.  Real bad on Chrysler stuff not sure about hyundai.