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2012 Toyota Camry Neutral gear to Drive jam


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Hi Scotty, I have a Toyota Camry 2012, XV50, I've done about 49709.695 miles, with an auto transmission. This car is underused and mostly sits in the garage due to the pandemic.

The Camry has a weird thing happening once in a while, the last time it happened was 2 years ago where the gear won't shift down to D from the Neutral gear. It can shift from P to R, N but it won't go to D unless I put a bit of force to it.

My question is, what causes this, as this only happens once in a blue moon, and whether force pushing the gear to D would damage the transmission?

My local mechanic told me that it could be the transmission cable problem as this car is underused and it might have became hardened due to lack of use? Hmm.. 

I don't want to send to the mechanic to dismantle the transmission as this car is the only car I have would really like to find out the real issue first before sending it for a check.

With your experience with cars Scotty, what might have cause this issue? When I google online it mostly explains why the gear can't shift from P to Drive but not N to Drive gear. Could it be the transmission fluid needs to be exchanged?

Thanks in advance sir.

From Malaysia,



which engine?

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Probably a faulty brake switch