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Windows won't roll down


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My 2012 Dodge Journey 2.4L Crew

I replaced the Power Window Switch and the windows still won’t go down or get stuck going up. 
now it doesn’t work at all. The thing underneath that Switch is not connected to power source? 
What will work?

How do I fix this?

Can you put a catalytic converter in water and detergent overnight to clean it?

Thank you very much Nerd  

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Posted by: @aieda2021

it doesn’t work at all.

have you replaced the fuses?



Posted by: @aieda2021

Can you put a catalytic converter...

one question per topic please (and always check the FAQ first)

No I have not changed fuses because I need to know where those particular one are.

did you look in the owner's manual?

I have not put a catalytic converter on before. I know where it’s at and I would ask a mechanic
Thank you

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  • The Catalytic converter works
  • the windows doesn’t 
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Yes, I’ve been reading the Manual 

Im blind in laft eye. 
It will take me a while to find but so far nothing in reference to Window Switch 

noting about which fuses for power Windows 

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