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[Solved] Quandry.. Need help with a Decision


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Hi Scotty, Love your channel. Watching for years. From Victoria, TX.

I have a friend that's a owns the local Honda Dealership. He has a 2014 Honda Accord Sport w/103k miles in excellent shape (had it checked by my Mechanic). I own a 2011 Nissan Rogue w/91k miles.

He's willing to do an outright exchange for me because he knows how much I despise my Nissan. But I know that Honda also has a CVT which scares me!

Should I trade??

Thanks everyone.. I figured as much.. Honda it is..

Hi, maybe you should make that a new question so you get more answers.


The importance of a mechanical inspection is seen here! Those cars aren't known for oil dilution so it definitely a. hasn't been cared for or b. is a lemon. I'll give my CX-5 opinions on the new thread if you decide to make it, but not a bad purchase at all.

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Honda's cvt is rated highly by Scotty because they don't outsource them and make them in-house. I'd jump on that deal quickly before they change their mind. 

Thank you!




Stop reading this and go!

hahaha.. OK. will do!


The Honda CVTs last a long time and are farely reliable if cared for. You would want a mechanic to check it out because maybe it has problems. If its in good shape, the Accord is a much better car than the Rogue.

My mechanic said jump on the deal.. I wanted some opinions from people that's had experience with the 2014 Accord Sport w/CVT..


According to this, that year Accord doesn't offer a CVT, so you're in the clear if you are afraid it would have one:


Yes they did. Check all the trims....cvt's are there even for Sport^CR2F5EEW

(variable gear ratios) means CVT