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How hot should brake rotors be


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Driving my 2002 sequoia 4wd drive at 65 mph for about 15 minutes, came to a stop without braking, put in park (so didn't use brakes once). Used temp gun on rear rotors; they were at about 98 Degrees F. Is this normal temp when just driving and not braking at all?

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Posted by: @dman12345

came to a stop without braking



Posted by: @dman12345

98 Degrees F. Is this normal temp

that's kind of useless data without knowing the ambient temperature, but I don't think you need to worry. That's not even body temperature. You need to realize that tires generate heat just from the weight and rolling and deforming on the road.This is partly why tires have speed and load ratings.

Try kneading dough for 5 minutes and you'll see how warm it gets.



You are right. I need to explain more. I let the car come to a dead stop just by letting it coast (I was on a country road so there was no one around to bother). It's winter so the ambient temperature was quite cold outside, about 10 degrees F. Also tires are 265/70R16 10ply tires.

lucky you. No such roads around here LoL
But yeah I wouldn't worry about 100 degrees. If the wheels become too hot to touch then you should be concerned..
Is there a reason for the experiment? Is there a problem with your car?

I'm just in the habit of checking all aspects of my car. I'd rather check things now than let them cause trouble on the road later. I just wanted to make sure there weren't signs of brakes dragging or something like that.


Maybe the parking brake is rubbing slightly and the tensioner needs adjusting?