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What brand shocks and struts do you go to when it's time to replace them, AND you are keeping the vehicls for some time? Poll is created on Jun 20, 2022


replacement rims


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Hey, guys. Jim up in Grand Forks again. I noticed when I got my new tires installed (Hankook Kinergy ST, 5 of them) that except for the spare, I have rust developing where the valve stems are. I would like to replace them with painted steel rims (we have LOTS of potholes here), and was wondering what Scotty thinks about Dorman painted steel rims.

Checked on their website, they want roughly $110 each. Doesn't sound too bad to me.

On a related subject, nearly time for shocks/struts all around. Looking at FCS, thoughts? We get winter here, so I need good quality.


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Posted by: @jim701

Looking at FCS, thoughts?

They are cheaply made. People put them on cars to sell the car. If you want quality structs, go with KYB or Bilstein shocks. 


For the rim, look in junkyards or Craigslits to see if someone has a rim to sell you.

Posted by: @jim701

best recommendation for shock/struts?

Scotty has said multiple times, for everyday econobox vehicles such as your RAV4, he recommends you go with KYB.

The entry level Excel-G gas strut model line (OEM replacement) from KYB should be perfectly adequate for your vehicle. 

All the best.

Same for the rear shocks?


And which supplier offers a full front/rear kit with sway bar links, if any? Dunno if I need them, but as long as I'm getting it done anyway...

Posted by: @jim701

which supplier offers a full front/rear kit with sway bar links

your local auto parts store.

Or if you want it to come to your door and don't mind shipping fees,

But who is going to install them?


Well from my experience dorman makes pretty good parts

Thanks, Scotty! Appreciate the feedback, and everything you do. What is your best recommendation for shock/struts? Same vehicle, and I plan on keeping it til the wheels fall off (then getting more wheels from Dorman) Smile