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Ridgeline Transmission Issue


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Dear Scotty,

I recently purchased a 2018 Honda Ridgeline (AWD, 3.5L, 6 Speed Auto) with 63,000 Miles on it. After driving the vehicle for a few months and putting a few thousand miles on it it recently started sporadically shifting HARD (loud bang, feels like you've hit something).

This usually occurs at random when starting the vehicle after it's sat for a while or overnight, or if a large bump in the road is hit. Usually, stopping, turning the car off, and back on again causes the issue to go away.

Under normal operation the truck doesn't throw any codes, however when the issue is actively happening a scan tool reveals it's throwing a P0848 code.

I understand that this engine/transmission combination is common across many Honda vehicles and wanted to know what your experience with diagnosing and repairing this issue is if you've come across it before?

From the TSB's I've found online a shop should drain the transmission fluid, drop the pan, and inspect the pan for metal shavings, if present, it will need to be replaced, if not, drain/fill/flush 3 times and see if the issue returns.

The vehicle still has ~30 days and 1000 miles left on the resellers warranty (Carmax), and I want to make sure I get the issue addressed before the warranty period ends. Any tips on probing questions to ask the service department at the local Honda dealer when they service the car? I'm inclined to want to see the bottom of the transmission pan when they pull it for myself.


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I would bring it back to CarMax. If you're saying it's till under warranty then you should be able to get that fixed. You could drain the fluid yourself but do not flush it. Do not send it to any Honda dealer.

CarMax wont work on the transmission themselves, they're sending it to Honda for diagnosis/repair.

Well Honda will end up saying that your car probably needs a new transmission. I don't know if a new transmission is under the warranty but just hope that they don't say that.


This is a 3rd clutch fluid pressure switch poor electrical connection problem.  Check the connectors for corrosion, cracks and frayed wiring.  That "large bump"in the road you mentioned may have loosened the connection.


Carmax will send it out to Honda and replace the trans if need be. They are actually pretty good about that. 

I had to get the trans replaced on my 2004 GTO I bought there and it was the same deal. They sent it to GM, GM said it needed to be replaced, Carmax covered it 100%.

One word of advice though: if it comes to it, make sure they REPLACE the trans....not rebuild. Big difference.