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Saab 9-3 2.0t 2006 convertible luxury coupe


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Hey Scotty I recently found your channel and love it! I live in northern Vermont and recently purchased a 2006 saab 9-3 2.0turbo convertible, 5 speed standard 155,000 miles for 1,000 dollars, two weeks ago. Seems to run great, clutch trans and engine, and I work on my trucks and plenty other equipment I am a farm boy. The only rust isn't even rust just a 4 inch square of peeled paint above back tire. Wasnt looking for convertible but had to test drive when saw the deal and heated tan leather as well. I'm  wondering What you think about saabs and if I should keep it. I've been looking for a cheap car to drive besides 3 trucks and so far I love this car and also play golf. LOVE YOUR STUFF AND ATTITUDE ON THINGS! 



Thanks! Yea I intend to get all I can out of it sweet car sweet deal I think

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Parts for it could be problematic as Saab is a long dead brand here in the states. 


For the price you paid if it runs and drives then just get all you can out of it.


I've been driving Saabs nearly 40 years and and have put many hundreds of thousands of miles on them. My experience is mainly with the pre-GM models though (original 900 and 9000). The 9-3 is primarily of General Motors design and from 2003-on uses the GM global 4-cylinder engine rather than the old Triumph-derived Saab engine.

The parts situation is really not bad because Saab Parts was a separate company that was not included in the Saab bankruptcy and is now known as Orio. They maintain a parts and service network in the U.S.

Aftermarket parts are also plentiful. Some parts are expensive but at least on the Saabs I've owned normal wear items (brake parts, alternators, water pumps, etc.) have been priced similar to other vehicles.

Your best bet for DIY support are Saab specialist sites, such as: