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Screen fade issue


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I have a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro V6, 6 speed manual, 63,658 miles.

The issue is that the A/C controls and Radio fades for a moment and make a pop sound on speakers. Also sometimes cooling fans stay on at full blast even with the engine off.

My son told me that it hapenned one time few years ago and dealership replaced the radio.

Want be sure that could be the radio again but suspect on A/C or Body Control modules.

Any help will be appreciated. Is a nice car, well kept and runs good. Let me know if need more information.

Thanks in forward. Excitement  

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Well knowing those things I'd say body control module. But of course realize it's a GM product and they have ground wire issues all the time. So first I would check all the grounding wires his whole bunch of them get a wiring diagram. If any of the grounds go weird, they can feed back and do all kinds of weird crap


Well it could be lots of things but of course I know it's crazy things. The radio system feeds back into all that stuff and it often is the radio gone bad. But only a real GM tech be able to tell you that without just flat guesswork because those computer module systems are so intricate. I mean I've seen even body control modules go bad and do that. If you don't want to guess you'd have to have a GM pro hook a scanner up. Do some testing and see what has gone bad. It can even be a bad grounding wire somewhere

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Have a 2014 Camaro V6, 6 speed manual with about 63,658 miles.

Sometimes the screen and A/C control console flicks and makes a pop sound on the speakers. Also there are moments when cooling fans stay running at full blast.

Suspect of the radio, A/C module or Body Control module.

Any help will be welcome. Sad  

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I have the repair manual with all wiring diagrams so will start with that.

Thank you very much for your help. Cool