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Steering Pulls To The Right.


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2006 Acura TL 

Base Model 

223000 miles

Brand New tires put on 3 months ago. And had the them balanced again a few weeks after to stop a vibration.

Two weeks ago I swapped out the power steering fluid by emptying the reservoir and refilling it three times.  Fully spinning the steering wheel several times and driving it between refills 

Since then the car has started to pull to the right.

I got an alignment done two days ago and the tires were rotated. 

The car still pulls to the right.

Could it be the electronic steering or what else could it be?

Thanks for all your support over the years. You've help me save thousands of dollars. Cheers! 

2 Answers

Your alignment is off. Take the car to a good alignment shop. 

Goodyear shop performed an alignment on it just two days ago. Are you suggesting they didn't do it correctly?

If the car is not going straight, either the alignment is off or it has been in a serious accident. One more thing: did you hit a pothole after you worked on the car?


A good alignment shop would test drive the car before and after to check the problem. They would check the condition of the tires, tie rods, suspension etc, and would not let you go home without finding the problem. I would take it to the same shop and ask them to fix it, or go to someone with a reputation.