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Transmission fluid change or No


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Hi I've got a 2006 toyota solara 126k, Se 4 cylinder, the previous owner has never changed the transmission fluid, should I change it, on cold start it idles abit rough, but goes away after abt 3-4 minutes of driving, oil change is due 129k miles,( change every 5k miles)  planning on changing the coolant as well, should I change the transmission fluid as well, I want her to last forever 😄 

Also should I do a tire rotation, what is the importance of that?

Please advise, and thank you for the responses 

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I would change the transmission fluid now and use Toyota fluid. And I probably rotate the tires look at them see if they're wearing odd One Way or another and switch front to back

Changed my transmission and power steering fluid, vehicle no longer shakes when I put itvin drive or reverse, and steering is much lighter and sensitive, overall rides better thank yall and special thank you to scotty for creating this platform