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How do I add the correct amount of ATF


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2008 Town and Country Touring 3.8 6 cylinder

Transmission fluid was leaking out of the side panel behind the driver side front wheel at the bottom, car has 125k miles on it so figured might as well change the fluid.  I took the pan off changed the filter, and the side panel off, redid the gaskets and put everything back together.  I believe I got about 5 quarts out so I put 5 quarts of Mopar 4+ ATF back in.  It is a closed system, and I saw some things on youtube about using your oil dipstick to check the transmission fluid level, but that ain't working, the fluid is way high according to their method.   SO I took a quart out and then it started slipping bad, so I put it back in.  THat's where I am at.

I think it is fine, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't over or under filled, but don't really know how to check that.

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There is a dipstick tube on the transmission. it has a cap on it,I think it's says for dealer use only.  You just need to have the proper dipstick. Miller Special Tool #9366A is what dealership uses I believe.  You can get a aftermarket dipsticks or make your own. With out knowing the exact amount of fluid you drain, what leaked and what is left inside that will be hard to do .You need to know the temperature of the fluid to get an accurate reading as the level changes greatly with fluid temperature. If you have the proper scan tool and software you can pull up the level that way. I'm not sure if a standard bi directional full module would work.

I don't have my lap top right now so I can't pull the data on temps or if there is any else I missed that need to done


6 speed transmission 62TE - Requires 5.5 quarts

4 speed transmission 41TE - Requires 4 quarts

Atf+4 transmission fluid type.


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