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Which pickup should I buy for towing


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What full sized truck do you recommend, 2020-2023? Pull a trailer under 10,000 lbs infrequently.

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It's difficult to recommend too fresh vehicles. In general, stick to naturally aspirated V8 engines if you live in America.

Scotty has already reviewed some of them


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This topic has come up a few times in the last year or so.  You will get a broader range of opinions if you check the search feature above.  

As a general answer, there are no great choices, a few good choices, and lots of bad ones.

Good luck.

(PS: I had a V8 Tundra in the past, a GMC with the 3.0 Duramax currently.  Happy with both.)


I lean toward a Tundra, but I think the max the V8 version could tow was right at 10k. If that is the case, I would never tow a trailer over about 8k pounds fully loaded, at the most.

If you are towing close to 10k, you will likely need a heavy duty truck. I think all light duty trucks have about the same max rating. I would suggest a heavy duty. Again, if your camper max is only about 8k, I would tow that with the right Tundra, meaning one with the highest tow rating.

Just because you CAN tow 10k, doesn't mean it is a good idea.