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Used acura RDX 09 vs Lexus RX350 09?


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Hi scotty, I'm a university student and young. Used acura RDX 09 vs Lexus RX350 09 - which one should I buy for 5-7 years period?

how many mileage should I look for?

Many thanks!

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Posted by: @hihihaha123

I'm a university student

Posted by: @hihihaha123

which one should I buy for 5-7 years period?


If you want a crossover, look at the RAV4 or CR-V.

If a sedan is all you need, look at Corolla/Civic or Camry/Accord.

All the best!

thank you for your advice!

I will live in up-north CA, so I can't buy a sedan! rav4 04-05 has fewer complaints, but now it's high mileage, 2014 I can't afford to this year. CRV 2009-2013: over 330 complaints, too hard to be pickable. Maybe last option: Highlander!


As a college student, cost is definitely a priority.  I would avoid any luxury cars at this stage in life.  The choices InThrustWeTrust mentioned are excellent.

Thank you for your advice. mainly b/c the price of parts or maintenance stuff holds me back a little with luxury brands. I'm pursuing automotive technician career, so I can minus labor when I do the maintenance. I am just confused with what I found on NHTSA, these standard brands received a higher volume of complaints than even the luxury mentioned brands! maybe I will choose the lowest complains one for any of them (luxury or standard)@_@
2009 338 recall 11
2012 333 recall 3
2013 332 recall 1

2004 147 recall 2
05 137 recall 5
2014 130 recall 3

2009 122 recall 9
2007 113 recall 4


They are kinda different classes of cars.

The RDX is more comparable to the NX.

And the RX is more comparable to the MDX. 

Thank you for your comment. NX started in 2014, so I'm aiming for the older years. I grouped RDX and RX350 for b/c they are 5 seaters and gain reliability on top cars to pick in the scotty channel! MDX top pick year based on the same channel is 2016, which I can't afford!

Between the 2009 RX and RDX, generally speaking the RDX will be a little more fun to drive, and the RX will have a slight edge on reliability.

RX has no turbo. RDX has a turbo, but it is attached to a Honda K Engine, which is one of the most reliable engines Honda has ever made.

yeah, you're right! I like the turbo. When it's broken I drive like an old man like RX again! Smile