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I recently drove my Odyssey into the ground and need a replacement with enough cargo space to deliver flowers. This is my first time buying a car on my own.


Not a lot of good local options (all private sellers) -

2006 Honda Odyssey 131k miles for $5,500. Says it's 1 owner.

2004 Toyota 4Runner 140k miles for $8,500. Says 2 owners & "clean carfax".

2008 Chrysler Town & Country Limited 142k miles for $4,500. The only benefit is that a relative knows the current owner. Mom van. 


Any sound like they're worth having a mechanic check out?

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Between those, I would just consider the 4Runner. Have you also considered Toyota Sienna?

There's one local, private seller '04 Sienna with 170k miles @ $5,150. There's no pictures and the only description is "good condition".

There are more options a few hours away, but I wouldn't be able to have a mechanic to look at it before I buy.

The space you get inside a van is more than a SUV and usually you can get a better deal for a van than a SUV, especially in this market.


Out of these options,

avoid the Chrysler like wildfire - they're terrible, especially when they're that old.

both the Odessy and the 4Runner are reasonable, They both get roughly the same gas millage, but the 4Runner is better built.

It really depends on their actual condition and how much lower can you take the seller.


Are you sure that going for a big non-fuel efficient passenger vehicle is the correct way?

Maybe a Prius will be a better option?


I realize that in the US they did NOT sell good commercials or all that many station wagons, but there must be something like the European Prius alpha, Toyota ProAce City, Corolla TREK - although I can't think of one.

Besides personally I have a corporate Kia Niro in my household and even it would be a much better delivery car than an old gas guzzling SUV or mini-van IMO.


Ford E-150 all the way! Stop messing around with mini's.