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Hello and welcome to the best car community in the world! Please read the rules and Privacy Policy below so we can keep this community clean and help as many people as possible, thank you!


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can i make reports?

Yes please do!


Hello Scotty! It's Allan Adamson from Youtube. I would like to be a moderator. You might remember me, I worked at an auto dealership as a finance manager and wrote their business plan. I also still buy cars at auction on a regular basis. I also have experience working on cars and rebuilt my first engine with my grandfather when I was just a kid. I have experience on forums since the 90's and I have an MBA from Saint Joseph's College of Maine.

64 Answers

What a great service Scotty has been doing for a long time for folks! 😇 

If you post a question and if an answer that is given solves your problem, please log back in and check the green tick as answered :  )

It helps us help you 😘  



Scotty thank you this is gonna be super sweet!

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Hello everyone how nice to be here

Hi Alvaro, have to apologize, thinking that the up and down arrows to the left were for going up or down to the next post I clicked on the down arrow, then I found out it was for voting on your comment. Sorry, didn't intend to give a down vote.


Hey scotty! My name is Logan. I have a deep passion for cars and I love working on them. I've been wrenching since I was a little boy with my dad. Ive worked on off road equipment, semi trucks, small cars, tractors, off-road truck projects and my friend and families cars. I would like to become a moderator to help out people the best I can. I like to spread the knowledge of cars and helping people out. Keep up the good work scotty!

@thetexasranger How do I post a question?

@thetexasranger How do I post a question?

Hi if you get a chance look at my last post and tell me what you think I could really use some help thanks!


Hi Scotty! My name is Amila and I'm from Sri Lanka and I am watching your videos as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge freely with people.

I'm a Software Engineer by profession but my real passion is working with cars (realized it once I bought a car for my self about 8 years ago - Its an old Honda Logo GA3 - I think you don't have them in US)
Anyway, mostly because of your advises I didn't buy a new car because it seemed to be a waste of money and my old Honda runs like a dream.

Hence I did a motor mechanic course in Ceylon German Technical Training Institute and started working on my car ever since - all regular running repairs and maintenance. And I also fix my friends cars whenever they need help. Now I'm not a veteran mechanic by any means but I am willing to help. Thank you again.


Thanks for providing a site for all of the D-I-Y mechanics Scotty!


Hi everyone. Glad to be here. 😀 



Originally from Delaware Ohio, I grew up watching a lot your videos. I am a 20 year old pilot but spend most of my free time wrenching on cars/motorcycles. I take pride in working on projects and have gained a lot of knowledge from your channel and from others. I would consider myself well versed in drivetrain, fuel injection, and carbureted systems as well as lubricity and motor oil. I have always been able to give good advise in these areas and would take pride in the responsibility of being a moderator on your website! Hope the move has treated you well and the new website is running smoothly.




Howdy from New Zealand, found Scotty on YouTube back in 2011 when I bought a Ford Falcon in Australia and was having a lot of problems with it, so was doing a lot of research online about cars and came across his channel. Thanks for all the help and advice!


Hello! Hello! Hello! Saw your video cluing us in on the New and Improved, Ask Scotty, forum. I may be over 70 but am eager to see what developes here! I'll mainly be watching and reading but, you never know...I might have some good advice regarding older cars. 😎



I would like to help out with electrical issues in cars. I used to own and run one of the largest mobile vehicle electrical businesses in the region. We did onsite electrical repairs for used car lots... Not much general public. 

I have seen much and solved much in my time but no one knows everything. Anyone who says the know everything you should run from Smile  

I don't hide from anyone and I am glad to help whoever solve scary issues in cars. I will not detract from the others as I get into problems not many other guys want to touch... and I can explain why you need to do certain procedures to determine what is actually going on in a car. Simple things (sometimes more than two simple things) will team up and become a monster that people think the car is possessed or not fixable. Common sense and some good old fashioned electronics trouble shooting will ferret it out right quick. 

God bless you all and I appreciate the opportunity to help people. I always told people everthing they wanted to know, because when they got in too deep they called me anyway Grin




Take it easy Scotty, 

Thank you for everything, if you are close to the Smokies/blue ridge mtns, take a drive and enjoy the foliage.


Hello all! Super excited for Dr. Kilmer and this new venture. Where should I post an application to be a moderator?

Would love to help out, thank you.

Dr, Kilmer!! LOL Ya, its a good world... safe. Scotty is Awesome.

Open a new question describing a bit about yourself, including which subjects you know most about. Then help us out by answering questions. Candidates will be notified. Thanks.


Congratulations Scotty on your new site. Looking forward to hanging out here.


Hey Scotty, I am from Canada, and I think you need somebody from Canada to be on your Moderator list. I know about cars been working on cars since past 15 years. I have my own garage like you and should be able to answer questions for the Canadians on your forum.

Lover your Channel and I always recommend my customers to go check out your channel and increase there knowledge on cars and how to fix small things on their cars. 


Great job Scotty, I participate in a couple other forums for Cadillac and Acura owners but this one should be quite interesting. I am a shade tree mechanic myself. and have been working  on cars casually for almost as long as you (50 years) but not at your level. Still, if you need a moderator I would be happy to pitch in. 

Can relate 100 % with the Measure twice statement.


New member here on this site. Old subscriber on youtube


Hey Scotty! Long-time subscriber to your YouTube channel and new member here. I've been following you for years and have learned SO MUCH from you over those years. This new forum should be fun! Let's go!


Just glad to be here!  I don't fix cars, I just like watching Scotty's videos every day!  

Dont ya just love Scotty! I am not an automotive Mechanic either.. but I certainly can change out a bad part. With all his available knowledge on Youtube, I may never have to ask a car question. Scotty truly makes the world seem like a safer place.


Thank you for setting this up.  Been a fan of your channel for a while now and I have to say, you've converted me.... I'll be getting my first Toyota in the next few weeks... (This is of course, after disappointment with my last two purchases from GM and Ford).  It's nice to know there's someone out there that will give people a straight up answer.

This post was modified 4 months ago 2 times by sirhawkeye

Hello Scotty. I live in Houston. Never had a chance to meet ya. I turned wrenches for many years, and still do from time to time. I was tired of seeing mechanic shop charge outlandish prices to fix such small things. I've worked on  American, Asian, and Euro, cars. Working now as a HV electrical engineer. I'd love to be a moderator for your forums. As well as to be able to pass my years of knowledge down as you do. 


Thank you Scotty for providing a forum for folks to help others.

And my sticky should stay below yours now ;  )

Just be patient and keep helping folks. As you see there's a lot of work going on here and the tech guys are busy. I'm just trying to concentrate on getting all folks questions's all gonna take a while but considering how big the site has started from minute 1, it's doing very well imo. And I don't think there was any intention to reject any request, just very busy. I know I have a few questions too but have put them on the back burner for the time being.


Scotty, this forum isn't going to work out without organization.  This thread so far has 56 posts and is pinned at the top.  I think you'll actually read this post of mine (and my previous one yesterday mentioned that I'd be willing to help you moderate).  The forum total has nearly 2000 posts already.  It's hard to scroll through and find something I want to comment on.  Apparently an old guy with 53 years car repair experience is more popular than I thought!

I know you just started this so haven't had time to think on it, but with 2000 posts in less than 2 days I think you need sub-forums immediately.  Main makers like the the Big 3 and the Big Japanese 3 should have their own forums and then subforums for cars, trucks, and crossovers.  You'd have to distinguish somehow because people don't know what is a truck and what's a crossover anymore.  Heck, a Corolla Wagon...I mean, a Pontiac Vibe, is being called an SUV.  Is a COROLLA really the same type of a vehicle as  FORD EXCURSION?  Find some way to separate them.

For less popular brands like Mitsubishi you wouldn't need sub-categories.  But you might have a "All Trucks" section which would include anything.  The way I see it you have room for a good 20 sub-forums, with a big "Other" section as well. You wouldn't need much for anything 2018 or newer or EVs because anyone interested wasting money on that stuff certainly isn't interested in visiting the forum of that bum Scotty Kilmer!  lol

@tjdean01 Another suggestion is that there should be a guideline on how people title their question so we can get a quick glimpse/direction of the question. It'd also help for people looking for some answered questions in the future.


Hi Scotty! Glad to be here as a member in your new Forum.


Keep that HONDA going and going, those things are bulletproof!


Hey all o/

Best of luck with your new website. I know I'll enjoy it here as well as thousands of DIY'ers and semi-pros will benefit from it here.

I remember as a teenager,  my dad showing me how to rebuild a carburetor on 72 Mote Carlo. Few years later fuel injection and Whoaa,  This is a different ball

It's always changing and never easier for the weekend mechanic to do it.

I'm sure you'll find plenty of moderators in no time. I have been a moderator for more than 12 years on one site and 10 on another and 1 or 2 years on others.

I found that so many admire it at first and find it more than they have time for in a few months to a year. Understandably! Life happens and they just have no time to log in all the time. Then it's time to be demoted and let someone that has more time to work the site step up. So I suggest you think about that before you apply for it, It can be a busy task at times. Moving threads to the appropriate place, Locking a thread, Gag someone for abusive behavior so they can't post anymore and the list goes on. Just keep your cool, Tempers will flair, Don't be to quick to bring the hammer down. Work it out...

So don't forget to be nice to your moderators, They work for free to make it a better place for everyone.

I wish i had more time for helping out these days. Just don't have it.

Best of luck to all

Oly61 Smile

This post was modified 4 months ago by Oly61

Hello everyone and Scotty.

I'm here to answer any of those European car questions,

I'm Based here in Europe and I speak fluent Metric system, 

Add me as a Mod or don't, Remember 13mm is no 1/2 inch.

All the Best.

This post was modified 4 months ago by DV KALA

excellent thank you. Need more of you guys.


Another level in valuable knowledge sharing. Thank's Scotty ! 

I hope I can provide feed-back on open questions in this forum as much as I learned from your channel, and still learn&share, learn&share ...  


hello scotty, love your videos, you are the man!

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