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What do you think about the Toyota Priuses?


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For now, I have no plans to get one but wanted to know what you all think about every Priuses like Prius V, Prius C, regular Prius, Prius Prime, Prius PHV, and also the old ones. 

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Bad choice for a used car due to high repair costs.

As a new car for many people you'll never recoup the higher price in gas savings, it depends what kind of driving you do.


They are good cars as long as the hybrid system works fine, but as soon as it starts having issues, most people junk them since the hybrid system cost a fortune to repair. 


I don't like the style of the new ones, but they are good reliable little cars. Too small for me.


I have a Gen 2 Prius with 300K+ miles, had it since the beginning. Amazing little vehicles.

The Prius V just gets you more trunk space. 

Prius Prime and Prius PHV are essentially the same idea, just different marketing for different generations.

The Prius C is not a Prius IMHO. Even though it has the Prius name. It’s built on another platform than all the other Priuses. They just used Prius for marketing purposes. That doesn’t make it a bad car, just not what I think of when I think Prius. The C is a subcompact car. Still great! Just tinier. 


BTW, generally speaking. There is only one hybrid I recommend. And that is a Toyota hybrid. This is because they have decades of experience and time tested technology and quality under the hood of their cars. 

im not so keen on other hybrids. The only other brand I would gamble on is Honda Hybrid. Different and compelling technology from a quality company. Just not as time tested as Toyota Hybrid.