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2017 camry showing many codes


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I just bought my first car less than 3 weeks ago. It's a 2017 automatic Toyota Camry  with 33309 miles. I don't know much about cars but I checked it out and did a test drive. I have been driving the car for the few weeks that I've had it and started noticing that it felt a little weird at times, I thought it could be that it has an eco mode. I could not shake off my doubts so I took it to a mechanic. He showed me all the codes that came up including these: U0101, U0151, U0100, U0131, U0163, B1532 and a few more that I couldn't write down. He said take it back to the dealership and have them fix it. My questions are:

What can cause all of these codes?

What's the first step to fix them?

I want to be prepared and know what to look forward to when I take it back to the dealership. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Those codes are serious. They are related to the transmission control module, power train control module,.... Have a mechanic check the car (the thing that you should have done before purchase) and print all the things that are wrong and then go back to the dealer, hopefully they fix it for you or you return the car. 

My hope has been reduced Scared
What are the chances they'll change the car?

It depends on the state law. Check it.


That is a lot of bologna. Don't set back. If I were you, I would ask for the full report from Toyota dealer. Even then, you should take it to an independent mechanic and find out all the issues. Make sure the car is not flooded since these many codes are not common in Camry. Also, look for the "lemon car law" in your area, you may be eligible for that as well. You don't need to worry a lot but act fast. I'm just trying to help you so you won't be screwed by the dealer. 

I'm trying to be hopeful, could there be any other reason for all of those codes? It just doesn't make sense that it would have so many codes and it's not even passed 35000 miles. Why would a car like that have all those issues?? How??


Did you have any kind of warranty on this used car?  If not, you are SOL.

It has the 1000 miles or one month guarantee. It now has more than 1000 miles (do I regret that 4th of July trip and showing everyone my new car... Yes!) They said they would check it out and they would let me know the diagnosis.

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I have more questions: 

I came back from the dealership and they said the mechanic didn't use the right checking tool. They said there's specific computer checking tools for Toyota cars and that what probably happened was that his checking tool was not connecting to my car, and that's why all the codes said "lost communication"

I was asked to leave it with them so they can take it to a Toyota dealership because they also didn't have the Toyota checking tools.

How much truth is in this?

What can I expect when I get the car back? Is there a way to know if they just erase the codes?


Thank you in advance.


The codes will come right back if they are erased.

How long will it take for the comes to come back if it happens?

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My hope has been reduced Scared What are the chances they'll change the car?


Slim to none.  When you get the car back, what you can expect is a very large bill.