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Do Car Washers Wash Under Your Car and Should I Wash My Car Myself?


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I'm wondering if the car washers that you run your car through washes under my car. And should the underneath parts of a car be washed? Also, is it better to wash my car myself? I imagine that would save me money because I pay $20 every time I drive through a car wash.

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They wash the underneath if it is part of the menu. You can wash it yourself and it is a good habit especially if you live in an area which they put salts on the roads in the winter time. One of Scott's fans brought him a device which was connected to a pressure washer and you could easily rinse off under the car. 


Regardless of where you live, you should wash the underneath parts every day (if you can) because all the small things that get stuck hardens over time and they become hard to remove. Also, it will rust a lot faster if you don't wash the underneath part. 


A good wash includes the undercarriage. 

I don't have the time to wash my cars myself, so I pay $45/mo for unlimited washes on two vehicles. Works great.


I just pressure wash my car at a do-it-yourself car wash, for $1 you can get two minutes to pressure wash your car anywhere you like. You can soap it for a dollar too.


wash it yourself.

and if you want to spray the underneath, you can easily make one.

take one inch PVC and make a big "O" . connect it to a garden hose.

drill holes in the pipe 6 inches apart and the water will squirt upwards.

drive your car back and forth over it and you got it!