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Hello Scotty! Big fan of your channel! I need a new car as my Mazda 3 recently died. Would you recommend? I’ve been looking at a 2017 Honda Accord Touring with 43k miles on it. Is there another newer, comparable car you’d recommend instead? Thanks! 

Me personally I’d go with the accord. It’s a very reliable car and especially because it’s a 2017 naturally aspirated engine before they started turbo charging the four cylinders. I’d definitely go with it.

@speedfanatic22 can you copy and paste your answer into the ‘Your Answer’ box down below? Thank you.

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I’d buy a Camry, best selling sedan in America and it’s dead reliable. 

Only on the V6 models. The AZ 4-cylinder on the later models have oil burning issues; as well as transmissions issues from 2012-2014.

@kesterpaul62 can you elaborate more on which model year Camry’s (with the I4 AZ) have the oil burning issue and your source of information for that? It’s best to be specific to help OP and others out.


Which year Mazda 3 did you have?  (Curious). I would seriously look at a Toyota Camry or Mazda 6 sedan (for the Mazda avoid the 2.5L naturally aspirated I4 with cylinder deactivation in model years 2018 and newer).


Camry, Avalon, Lexus ES


That's a great choice! Accord's are awesome. Stick with that one.