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Which one is better ram vs Ford 150


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Planning to buy used truck .

Which ram or ford 150 are good buy under 150,000km, years to avoid and which engine to buy.


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Stick to the Ford F-150, model years 2011-2014 with the naturally aspirated V8 with 6-speed automatic transmission.  2015-2017 model years (current generation) - also naturally aspirated V8 with 6-speed automatic - are the next best choice.  Forget the Ram 1500.

New rams are junk. Used ones are even more junk. Had a 2014 v8 f150 with the 6 speed and it was running great with 150,000 miles but had to trade it in for work. Stay away from ecoboost with f150


unless you're towing a lot, you should get a Taco.

But you live in the prairies so, the rednecks will slash your tires if you do, won't they?


Definitely stick to 2011 to present F-150s with the NA V8. The RAMs are rolling piles of junk, they are not as good as they used to be.

Except you don’t want to get the model year 2018-present V8’s which utilized 3rd Gen Coyote engine and had issues, and now they have cylinder deactivation incorporated (not good for longevity).

ahh, good point. Thank you for sharing.

The 2018s also have the GM/Ford 10 speed automatic transmission, which was such a disaster they both swore to never work together on anything again.


The only RAM I would ever consider is one with a Cummins engine with an Aisin transmission. Any other RAM is off the table. 

Otherwise between the two I’d get the Ford. 

Did you mean Allison transmission?

You know what. That transmission too! A real Allison, not the Allison in name only.

I’m not sure the complete story, but I think GM is using the Allison name on a product, but it really isn’t an Allison transmission from the original company.