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Which SUV Is better to buy !


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dear sir,

I am hesitant between buying one of these cars. Which family car do you recommend for me?

1- HONDA ZRV 2023/2024 1.5 Turbo

2- HONDA CRV 2023/2024 1.5 Vtec Turbo , 7 seats

3- MAZDA CX60 - Gasoline 2.5 L

4- TOYOTA Grand Highlander - Gasoline 2.4L , 7 seats

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You picked too fresh ones to get any useful advice in terms of reliability. Issues of new models/generations are yet to be fixed. But if being a Guinea pig for those issues doesn't bother you, you can try whatever you like.


test drive them. I don't know what you like or what your priorities are.



All those cars seem to come from different categories of sizes. 

ZRV - subcompact

CRV - compact

CX-60 - midsized

Grand Highlander - full sized  

If you can afford the Grand Highlander, that’s the one I would get. 

I would not, it is too new. So are CX-60, ZRV and current generation CR-V.

Hahah. Yeah, I just picked based on the four choices, not necessarily out of everything available.


Those vehicles are way too new to know their problems but if I had to choose I'll say Toyota and Honda those companies are known for making best long lasting engines even if they make some mistakes in first model year they fix their problems at free of charge.