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Why is my car hard to start??


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I have a 2001 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 2.5L engine with 135,400 miles on it.  If I start my car when it is cold, it starts up right away with no problem, but as I drive it from place to place and start is up later as it warms up, it is much harder to start.  I have to give it gas to get it started.  There are no check engine lights, but my car does have another problem with surging when I car is stopped.  I feel the surging, but watching the RPM's is barely noticeable.  It has never died from this surging.     Do you think this is related to the hard to start problem, or is there another reason for this??  I tried cleaning out the Idle Air Control Valve, and it was not very dirty and it did not solve the problem.  I'm coming up for a smog check soon, and I am not sure if this will affect the test. 

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I suspect dirty fuel injectors. Get a can of fuel injector cleaner, like Techron, and add it to the gas and see if it helps. If it does you may want to take your car to a mechanic and have him pressure clean your fuel injectors.


Watch Scotty's video from yesterday. It is exactly about your problem.



Is your check engine light on? It would be insightful to see what kind of fuel trims you are seeing when this is happening. There are many reasons for this to happen but in my experience its usually fuel or vacuum related.

I have no codes. Every now and then I get a P0128 code and all I have to do is put more coolant in the radiator. It leaks coolant, but it was doing this way before I had this starting problem.