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Why is my Lexus making a sulphur smell


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Hi Scotty, I have an automatic Lexus IS250 with 255000km on it. I have it serviced every 6 months and drive it everyday, nothing really has ever gone wrong with it but lately I’ve noticed a sulphur type smell when I’m going up a hill or hitting higher revs if over taking ect. The smell fills the cabin and last for around a minute and doesn’t make the smell on all hills just every now and then but seems to be getting more frequently. Just wondering on what you think might be causing this? Thank you and love watching your channel down here down under in Australia.

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In some ways you are lucky - carbon monoxide (that's the stuff in your car exhaust that will kill a person) has no smell. That sulfur stink is like a smoke detector going off.



it's hydrogen sulphide gas in the exhaust. Look for leaks.


Check under the hood for leaks (especially the valve cover gasket).