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Your Perspective On All New Buicks?


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Just was reviewing the Buick Web Page, and noticed that the entire Buick line is either made in South Korea or (mostly) China.  Although think I know the answer, was wondering if you feel the quality of the Buick product line has suffered in quality since their manufacturing migration to Asia?

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They are truly awful vehicles. How the mighty have fallen.


IMHO, Buick doesn’t exist anymore.  GM is milking the last ounce of Buick that it can.  It seems to now be the SUV/Crossover brand for GM. Trucks go to GMC. Luxury goes to Cadillac. And SUV/Crossover goes to Buick.  And Chevy has a mix of all of the above sans the luxury.  It’s not exact, but that is generally how I see it.  They also own other brands which aren’t in the US.

For most of Buick’s existence, it has used GM platforms, and it added a Buick personality to these GM platforms.  

Since GM has gotten more and more global, Buick has adopted platforms developed for European and/or Asian markets, and in a sense, seems to be more copies of other cars, rather than being a Buick of its own right.



noticed that the entire Buick line is either made in South Korea or (mostly) China. 

Only the Buick Enclave is assembled in the US (in Michigan).  But that’s splitting hairs since a lot of the parts content is made in China (true for a lot of automakers), and the overall quality is still poor.

Buick as a brand only exists because of the Chinese market.


This had been discussed before.  See a few excerpts from our archives:


I can't believe Buick survived 2008.

They sold less than 200k vehicles in the USA last year.

Yeah, would've been better to kill off Buick and keep Pontiac.

They kept Buick because it is popular in China with the U.S. being a secondary market. Harley Earl is spinning in his grave.

I liked Pontiac. They had nicer stuff than Chevrolet.



You're telling me that all Buicks except one are built in CHINA?

Then put on boats and shipped here?

And the UAW isn't screaming about that?

I guess the UAW didn't bribe them enough.


Buick has long been pretty much dead for the last couple of decades.


The current Buick line-up it's just fancier versions or sedan versions of regular GM products (Tracker, Trailblazier, Malibu and the Traverse), Beforehand, most Buick models were mostly just rebadged Opels.

Either way, the cars aren't great at all.


Their current manufacturing facilities are actually interesting, 

The Korean ones are built by "GM of Korea" previously known as Daewoo motors. Yes, the guys who built copy cats of western cars, sold rebadged cheap Econo-boxes and are responsible for developing the Chevrolet Cruse and Chevrolet Spark (aka. Daewoo Lacetti and Daewoo Matiz) some of the worst cars in existence, I wouldn't touch anything made by them with a 10 ft. poll!

As far as Chinese built cars - the ones built in china are probably meant for the Chinese market as Buick is actually quite popular there. But, my experience with Chinese manufactured cars has been mixed, on one hand you have beautiful cars like the MG ZS EV and Chinese built Teslas seem to be on par with their western counterparts on QC - but I Recently a Renualt Kadjar that was built in China (European version of the Nissan Rouge, the car wasn't technically new - it's about a year old, the dealer was struggling to sell it) The car was a disgrace. body gaps were uneven and the paint job was honestly terrible - it really looks like it has been painted at a garage by an amateur.


I wouldn't buy any Buick or GM product, let alone one produced by Daewoo...


I personally would buy a used Yugo before I bought a Buick.

A Yugo? Do I look like I'm made of money?

@mmj, how about a King Midget? (Yes, it is a real car, manufactured by Midget Motors of Athens, Ohio through 1970.)