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should I buy this car


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Hey, there is an 03 acura tl type s for sale near me. The engine and trans has 346k on it but still run and shifts good. It does burn a little oil but thats expected. The control arm is broken/snaped. It isnt rusty and the interior is in very good condition. Hes asking 250 bucks for it. Do you think its worth it or is it scrap?

Thank you

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Pass on it. A mere 20-year old Acura with almost 350k miles on it is near the end of its lifespan. It's scrap.

Posted by: @zaivor

The control arm is broken/snaped

who is going to fix it?




Find out how much you could get if you scrap it. It maybe worth it.

probably not as much as you would make going to work