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1970s GM Headlight Fuse


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All of the headlights went out in my Catalina tonight on my way home. I left the car in Ace's parking lot.


The fuse diagram has no fuse for the headlights, and something online says there is a fuse in the headlight switch of GM B-Body cars, but gives no further info. Has anybody heard of this before? The only way to get at that switch that I'm aware of is to pull the whole dash trim piece off. 

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Yes, AMC uses the same headlight switches, I think they do have an internal fuse or breaker though I've never had one blow. Here's some info on testing:

I'll have to pull the unit out when I get it back to the house tomorrow morning. I may just replace the whole switch and be done with it.

I was gonna rig up a couple wires directly from the battery through a fuse to a single headlight to get it back home. My girlfriend came and picked me up before I could assemble everything. Haha.

Also, I highly recommend a headlight relay wiring harness to improve headlight performance and reduce strain on the headlight switch.

Do they make those for these old cars? It has no relay, as you probably know. The headlights are wired straight into the switch.