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2001 Chevy express 3500 5.7L low on oil


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  1. Hi, I have the 2001 Chevy express 3500 bus and I realized that it is about 2 quarts of oil low. It’s been about 1,000 miles running on 2 quarts low. How much damage did I do to my engine.
  2. I don’t hear anything knocking but I’ve noticed a smell of burnt oil as I turn on the bus but idk if that’s always been there or not, or if it’s the cold causing it .

thank you - from iowa! 

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You did not do much damage to the engine-yet. I would put more oil in that car right now before anything else happens. If it's burning more oil after you put some in, send that to a mechanic to get that checked out (it's a 20 year old bus).