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How Can I Fix My Slow Acceleration


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Hello Friends,


I Have A 99 Mitsubishi Mirage And It Works very fine .. 

I recently changed the gearbox and the fuel system (fuel pump, fuel filter , Spark plugs , serviced fuel injectors) Including Air Filter  & everything is fine.

the problem I have is it has SLOW ACCELERATION.

Not Too Slow Though But To The Point Where You Cannot Bump Into A Busy Road Because You Cannot Accelerate Quickly.. 

I want to know what causes The Slow Acceleration And How I Can Fix This Problem

I Want To Know If mileage On Engine Also causes SLOW ACCELERATION. 

I Lost Mileage Screen On Dashboard So I Don’t Know The Mileage.. 

Could Any Sensor Be The Cause Of It..? 

anyone with similar problem ..? 

what Do You Suggest I Do..? 


thank You 

So then how do you keep a track of mileage?

3 Answers

Also do a compression test.

Any other symptoms (overheating)? 


Is this a manual or automatic trans?  How many miles on this vehicle?

His lcd screen in the gauge cluster doesn’t work. So your guess is as good as mine wrt mileage. In another question, he mentioned it’s an automatic.

I can't see anywhere in his post about what type of trans he has except the part about "I recently changed the gearbox..."

I know, I remembered he recently asked about his automatic Mirage shuddering in D & R.


Well it's a 99 won't be fast like a brand new car. As long as it doesn't feel off, like doesn't increase over 30 with the pedal to the floor, you're good. If that's happening check your cat btw

Do You Suggest I Replace With A anew Engine..??

On a 22yr old Mirage, you're basically talking about a new (another) vehicle.. Don’t throw anymore money at your present car.

Thanks For The Quick Advice…