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2001 Honda Civic No start when hot


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2001 Honda Civic Lx 1.7L

The issue currently at hand is as follows. The engine will crank and start when cold. While driving there is no hesitation, stall, rough idle. Engine runs fine. After engine comes to temperature and the car is turned off, it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 mins or 2 hours later, it will sit there and crank but not turnover. I have switched the key from off to on numerous times and some days it will fire right up. I am at a loss as to where to go from here. I have already replaced the fuel filter, engine coolant temp sensor, spark plugs and coil packs. Battery test is good and so is alternator.

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Familiarize yourself with the sound of the fuel pump running for a couple of seconds when you turn the key to the ON position.

During the next NO START, listen to make sure the pump is running


This might help:

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Fuel pump is working and still no start. 


I would check your intake air temperature sensor (iat) the crank position sensor and cam position sensor. First I would check the starter, it might be going bad. Next time it won't start, hit the starter and see what happens. If it starts up you know that's the problem. Your best bet is having it bench tested. If that is not it check out the other things listed