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[Solved] 2001 Nissan Xterra no power to the dash


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I have a 2001 nissan xterra 3.3l just done a motor swap, and now no power inside to the dash, I get the dinging and power locks work but nothing else. Have the fuse box inside the auto is dead checked all grounds security light is flashing tried locking and unlocking the door left key on for 5min or better still nothing  any help I would be grateful 

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Were you going to have to fix the security system first something's wrong there maybe you're lucky and some wires have been disconnected it's not getting power or maybe the system needs resetting

But it does take a real pro to analyze the security system

So that's the advice? No points where to check? Not even could be a loose ground. All the grounds are good. All the wires/plugs I unhooked are hooked back up. Double checked last night and triple checked again today. Just looking for any advice beside putting the key in the door and lock and unlock 3xs wait 30 seconds before opening the door, the put Key in the ignition turn to on position and wait 1 -3 minutes system should reset. Because that didn't work. Again thanks for any advice that can be given

Don't worry sir, I got it figured out! I must be one of the real pros! Thanks

What was the fix?