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2002 Grand Marquis Start Up Issues


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So I have a 2002 Grand Marquis that dies sometimes only after turning the engine off never while driving it. The weird thing is that it’ll start by just attaching jumper cables to it with no other vehicle to draw power from. I’ve made sure the terminals were tight and cleaned them (only with hot water though) yet it still does it, any ideas of hat is causing this and how I can fix? (Took it to Autozone as well and they said battery and alternator are fine)

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How are you I would replace both battery cable assemblies if the only thing you're doing is clamping clamps on the thing and not connected to another battery that's the only thing that could be wrong

Replaced both terminal connectors & now it’s starts up like a champ every time, thanks so much. Also is there anyway I could schedule an appointment to bring my car to you I am in MI but really would like you to look at my car, thanks again 😀