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[Solved] How long will my car last


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I own a 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo 2wd with a 4.0 I6 power train and a 4 speed automatic transmission and it's been the car that's taught me cars. When I first got it, I knew next to nothing about cars and ran it without water but since then, i've had the engine rebuilt and handle my own repairs. I added the first bit to pretty much say the head gaskets been blown before but after having that fixed, i've managed to put 275k miles on it without many issues. How much longer can i reasonably expect from this car? I really baby the car driving wise but it gets a lot use for work. Transmission used to shift a little hard but I changed the fluid before realizing I probably shouldn't but it's since shifts fine. Thank you in advance!


275k miles

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Well, if you continue to spend money on it, you're the last quite some time. Eventually the transmission will go out. Yes but they can be rebuilt. They're not very complex automatic transmissions compared to modern cars. And of course it depends where you live too. If you live up north it will rust and then it'll be destroyed eventually