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Dodge Dart Engine monuts on Backorder


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Dear Mr. Kilmer. I drive a 2015 Dodge Dart SXT. Automatic Transmission. 2.4L Engine. I have 99, 610 miles on it. I purchased it back in 2016, when it had 20,000+ miles on it. I am aware that the manufacturers doesn't make the vehicle anymore...for numerous reasons.


I am needing my mounts replaced, as told to me by the store manager at a nationally known automotive repair shop . I believe it was the engine mounts that needed replacement. He also told me that the mounts are on back order and that in their system, there are currently 600 orders of those mounts on back order. So I will be waiting a while. Also the replacement of the mounts will be done, free of charge, due to aftermarket mounts that were put on there by them, lasted for 10 months/11,000+ miles.


Are there any temporary fixes (or something that I put in between the engine and frame of the car) that I could do to minimize the harsh vibrations whenever I crank the vehicle up, after leaving it sitting for hours when I am not using it or when I drive, until the mounts come in?

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Well, this is kind of crazy but it's something in a video made by master Saab mechanic Walter Wong who is a lot like Scotty - he says he is cheap and looks for ways to save money on repairs. I have not tried this myself, but according to him a rubber muffler hanger can be used as a motor mount insert. (This is on motor mounts where the engine sits right on top of them. I don't know if this is even feasible to try on your Dart, I'm not familiar with the setup on that car.)

Just so you know I'm not making this up, here is a video where he talks about doing this for just a few seconds:

Thank you for the information.


600 back-orders? I would forget about it.

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I was tired of dealing with the rumbling sound and babying the car, so I contacted a few Dodge Dealerships to get OEM parts. I was able to purchase the bottom engine mount. It didn't fixed the rumbling sound problem, but from a visual inspection it needed to be replaced. 

I then called around for the transmission mount. There was a Dodge dealership that had the part, but time wasn't on my side. I found an OE (not OEM) transmission mount when I searched the O'reilly Auto Parts site. I purchased it and tried to put it in myself, but the bolts were too tight and I did not want to strip them. I had it put on my vehicle by the mechanic. The rumbling has stopped.

As match as the quality of Dodge has went down, after being purchased by Fiat, I am going to chock this up as a lot do to the extremely hazardous road conditions, where I reside

I took pictures if the mounts but I don't know how to post them in here.

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Instructions for photos are in the Read this first topic near the top of the page.