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2005 Matrix ENGINE CODE


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Hello Skotty,

I bought my wife a 2005 Matrix after watching your video on your wifes. We botj love it and feel like its an amazing little car. Just today however the check engine light came on. Gave me code p0741. Im scared now because i keep hearing mixed things. I hear that something as simple as a transmission flush might fix the problem and the extremw side of it is i need a new transmission all together. Weve only had the car for a month 😭😭. Help! Give me some guidance please what do I do?? The car has 160k miles and the transmission fluid looks a very light brown almos like engine oil when new.

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Well I'll drop the pan and change the fluid and clean it out really good a lot of times that will fix it fluid should be red not Brown


Are you sure the code was p0741 and not P0714 or P0174? In my case, my 09 Matrix started down shifting roughly on occasion (at 120K miles), and fresh fluid has it working smoothly since then.