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2008 honda odyssey slipping transmission


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Hi Scotty! Love your channel and I'm new to even knowing you. I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey Minivan and it's slipping when I hit highway speed. I was considering swapping out the transmission fluid 1 L at a time by pumping it out through the dipstick Channel. Then repeating every few weeks .Do you recommend that I do this or should I just do a full transmission fluid change?

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You can do whatever you want but those are horrible transmissions and odds are you going to need to thing rebuilt if it slips unless it's low on fluid that almost always means the transmission is going out and those were real crappers. Honda replacement I doubt if they'll do it anymore at that age


You have to really abuse the crap out of a 2007-2013 odyssey for the transmission to fail. Out of all the transmission they put in the odysseys, these years had the most robust transmissions. Shocking huh

Would do atf change never flush and see what happens.